Acceleration Sensors


Acceleration Sensors - SAS Series

High sensitivity allows measurement from micro acceleration.
Easy signal processing with amplifier
Measurement from constant acceleration to vibration is possible.
High responsiveness
Available in rated acceleration of 50m/s2 to 500m/s2
Measurement can be performed with the sensor attached to a measuring object.

Standard specifications
Model SAS050 SAS200 SAS500
Rated acceleration 50m/s2 200m/s2 500m/s2
Sensitivity 100mV/m/s2 25mV/m/s2 10mV/m/s2
Power supply voltage DC±12V±0.5V
Current consumption ±200mA
Output voltage −5V to +5V
Responsiveness to 3kHz
Nonlinearity ±1%R.O.
Allowable overload 300%R.O.
Operating temperature range −10℃ to +60℃
Humidity range 15%R.H.〜85%R.H.(No condensation)


List of dimensions (standard specifications)