linear sensors

金属材質検知センサ 金属材質検知センサ




High accuracy of resolution 0.5μm
Ultraminiature, lightweightφ5.5 head
Stable output by high-accuracy shaft
Good mutual interference of sensors
Circuit resistant to temperature drift
Slim control circuit box

■Main applications
Measurement of distortion of precision moldings
Measurement of attachment height of electronic parts
Measurement of outside diameter of shafts
Measurement of flatness of wafer holders

Item Specifications Notes
Measurement range ±2mm ±0.5mm Operating range: 5mm
Analog voltage
Output voltage ±4V ±1V The settings can be changed
by gain adjustment.
Impedance 130Ω
Resolution 0.5μm  
Linearity 1.0%ofF.S. 0.2%ofF.S.  
Measuring force 0.3N Zero point position
Temperature characteristics 0.02%ofF.S./℃  
Power supply voltage DC.+24V  
Consumption current 70mA or less  
Operating ambient
Sensor part -10℃ to +65℃ No freezing
Control circuit 0℃ to +50℃  
Operating ambient temperature 35% to 85%R.H. no condensation
Weight Sensor par 5g Cables are not included.
Control circuit 100g

List of dimensions (standard specifications)(Unit: mm), scale not equalMLS-105A図