Magnetic Heads for Parking Lots and Financial Equipment


Products corresponding to JIS Standard and custom specifications are available.

Magnetic Heads for Parking Lots

■Main applications
The magnetic heads are used for the charge collection systems at parking lots.

List of performances
Model name JIS-T JIS-U Custom type

Track width



1 to 2mm
Write 3mm 7mm 3 to 8mm
Number of tracks 3 1 1 to 3
Transport speed 10 to 100cm/sec
Recording density to 420FCI
Recording medium 21.5 to 239kA/m(270 to 3000Oe)
Overwrite −40dBV or less





Magnetic heads for passbooks, magnetic heads for banknote discrimination that read magnetic ink used for banknotes

Magnetic heads for passbooks

Track configuration: 1 track to multiple tracks
Transport speed: to 100cm/sec
Recording density: to 420FCI
Recording medium: 21.5KA/m to 219KA/m (270Oe to 2750Oe)

■Main applications
ATM (automated-teller machine)





Magnetic heads for banknote discrimination that read magnetic ink used for banknotes

Differential type magnetic heads for banknote discrimination

Ultra high sensitivity that allows reading of reverse side of banknotes
React to a small amount of metal pigment
Deal with spacing loss of 0.2mm
Deal with ultrafast processing: 10m/sec
Standstill type that produces output, regardless of speed

■Main applications
Bank note discrimination for financial institutions and various other industries





Magnetic heads for reading and writing ID of credit cards and membership cards
We can provide products for card readers of JIS, ISO, and IATA standards.

Magnetic heads for card readers

■Main applications
Magnetic heads for credit cards, cash cards, other prepaid cards, and manual hand readers

List of performances
Model name CH-1R/CH-1R2R CH-123CS3H PC-2R CH-72S3H
Read Read/Write Read Read/Write

Track width



2mm 2mm
Write   3mm   7
DC resistance Read
95Ω 265Ω 125Ω 200Ω
Write   2.4Ω   3.2Ω
Inductance Read
48mH 135mH 105mH 150mH
Write   3mH   6.5mH
Reading output 23mVp-p 23mVp-p 45mVp-p 50mVp-p
Conveying speed * 19cm/sec
Recording density *
Magnetic tape * JL6S
Resolution (F2/F1)
80 or more
Saturation current(Hc=218kA/m)   300mA   110mA
Rise time   100μS or less   100μS or less
Insulation resistance 50MΩ or more
Ground resistance or less

*The conveying speed corresponds to 9.5 to 100cm/sec. The recording density corresponds to 75 to 420FCI. The recording medium corresponds to 21.5k to 239kA/m (270 to 3000Oe).