Station service device magnetic heads for automatic ticket gates

自動改札用 駅務機器磁気ヘッド

Magnetic heads of multiple track structure that enable reading and overwriting of railway tickets for automatic ticket gates and prepaid cards

Multiple track structure
Compliant with CJRC standards
Good write performance
Good abrasion resistance
(3 times higher compared with our conventional products)
High-speed performance (2.5m/sec)

■Main applications
Automatic ticket gates, automatic ticket vending machines, automatic fare adjustment machines, season ticket issuing machines, etc.

Item Specifications Notes
Track configuration 1 track to 12 tracks ・Cybernetic standards (CJRC standards)
・Support the configurations of automatic ticket gates in Japan and overseas
Supported medium Coercive force: 23.9KA/m 〜 219KA/m (300Oe 〜 2750Oe)  
Write performance Spacing loss:20μm
Depth of magnetic layer:20μm
Overwrite:−30dBV to −60dBV
Head configuration Write-dedicated head,
read-dedicated head,
combination head
Can be arbitrarily set by each track
Supported speed to 2.5m/sec  
Abrasion resistance performance 2 million passes to 20 million passes Sendust core:
Ceramic holding structure largely
improves abrasion resistance.

We can make products by making the above specifications meet with customer needs.
Products can be custom-made starting from one unit.