6-axis Force Sensors


6-axis Force Sensors – SFT Series

Detect 3 axis force (Fx, Fy, Fz) and 3 axis moment (Mx, My, Mz) at the same time
Easy connection via USB (Standard products)
Built-in Amplifier and microcomputer for signal processing
Both static and dynamic measurements are possible.
Able to detect the instant changes by high responsiveness
Cable can be separated by the connector

Standard specifications
    SFT200 SFT1K SFT10K SFT20K
Rated load Fx,Fy
200N 1000N 6500N 13000N
Fz 200N 1000N 10000N 20000N
Mx,My,Mz 4Nm 30Nm 600Nm 1200Nm
Measurement resolution Fx,Fy,Fz <0.1N <0.5N <3.0N <6.0N
Mx,My,Mz <0.002Nm <0.015Nm <0.3Nm <0.6Nm
Power supply voltage
Current consumption 200mA
Output method Digital(USB2.0,RS422)
Responsiveness 1kHz
Nonlinearity ±3%R.O.
Other axis sensitivity ±5%R.O.
Allowable overload 500%
Operating temperature range -10℃ to +60℃
Humidity range 15%R.H.~85%R.H.(No condensation)

For specifications indicated by *, please consult us separately.


List of dimensions (standard specifications)MTSシリーズ図

Model Outer diameter
Mounting pitch
Attaching screw
size N
Weight [g]
Aluminum Stainless-steel
SFT200 96 32.5 63 M6 340 970
SFT1K 110 40.0 72 M6 440 1260
SFT10K 196 69.5 140 M8 1200 3300
SFT20K 250 82.5 170 M10 1700 4600