Pass type counting sensors



The sensor detects metal bodies that pass through a pipe and allows discrimination of the difference of materials and sizes.

Built-in amp contributes to miniaturization. (PNP output available)

Item Specifications
Model name CS300A CS250A CS200A CS150A CS100A
Power supply voltage DC+12V to +24V(ripple: 5% or less)
Consumption current 30mA or less
Non-contact output MAX DC 30V drain current, Max 100mA
Operation 0.4V or less when open drain output is detected.
Detectable material Metals such as iron, stainless steel and brass
Detection hole diameter φ30mm φ25mm φ20mm φ15mm φ10mm
Minimum detected body (steel ball) size 6mm 5mm 4mm 3mm 2mm
OFF delay 0.1 second = CS□□ 0A -1, 0.2 seconds = CS □□ 0A -2
Operating temperature and humidity

−10℃〜+60℃ R.H.15%〜90%(no condensation)

■外形寸法図 (単位 : mm)縮尺不定CS□□0A/CS□□0B