Metal Material Detection Sensors/Metal Detection Sensors

金属材質検知センサ 金属材質検知センサ



Optimal sensors for discriminating and counting coins and detecting and positioning metal

High-sensitivity differential type magnetic sensor
Detect target objects faithfully, regardless of movement
Good responsiveness that allows response to acceleration of transport speed
Small size, lightweight


Model SM-S10C
DC resistance
(Measured temperature: 20℃)
Primary side:17Ω ±20%
Secondary side: 31Ω ±20%
(Measured: 1kHz)
Primary side: 0.7mH ±20%
Secondary side: 1.5mH ±20%


Output according to
types of magnetic metal

Conditions: Primary side: 6Vp-p(50kHz, sine wave)
Sample:φ25mm, thickness: 1mm

Iron: 650mVp-p or more
Aluminum: 480mVp-p or more
Brass: 400mVp-p or more
Copper: 365mVp-p or more
Stainless-steel: 200mVp-p or more
No metal: 20mVp-p or more

Allowable current Primary side  15mA (rms)
Operating temperature −25℃ to +70℃
Operating humidity 35%〜95%R.H. (no condensation)
Storage temperature −25℃ to +85℃
Storage humidity 35% to 95%R.H. (no condensation)
Temperature characteristics

Temperature coefficient of

20℃ standard
Primary side: 6Vp-p (50kHz, sine wave)

+20℃ to +70℃ +0.17%/℃
+20℃ to −10℃ −0.17%/℃

■Dimensional outline drawing (unit: mm), scale not equalSM-S10C図SM-S8C図


Model CS302
Power supply voltage DC + 4.5V to + 16.5V Ripple (pp) 50mV or less
Current consumption 10mA or less

Output current

Max. 40mA sink

Output residual voltage 1.0V or lower (at the load current of 40mA)
Output impedance 4.7kΩ
Operation When an object is detected. -> Output "H"
Responsiveness 500Hz
Insulation resistance 100MΩ or more (at 500V): Measured with the case ground removed.
Detected body Metal (not responding to nonmetal)

Protective structure

IP 64

■Dimensional outline drawing (unit: mm), scale not equalSM-S10C図SM-S8C図